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Meet The Team


We have experience as strategic planners, facilitators, small business entrepreneurs, board leaders and best practice advocates. We are here to help the Executive Directors and board leadership of small- to medium-size nonprofits go from status quo to thriving, using assessment tools, best practices and strategic thinking to achieve more than they think possible.

Edie Patterson

Founder & Principal

 I firmly believe that 1) nonprofits are essential to helping us be a civilized society and 2) that running a nonprofit is to run a business with a particular tax status.  I've worked in nonprofits for more than twenty-five years, as a volunteer, board member and Executive Director.

All my life I've loved seeing how things run, and what can be done better. Aim high is a guiding principal! Solid governance and business practices are the best way to achieve the mission. Let me help your organization do what it's meant to do!

Bob Patterson, MBA, AIFA

Fiduciary, Investment and Asset Allocation Partner

Bob is an expert in fiduciary governance as well as investment policies development and implementation. He has thirty years experience in the field of investment oversight for boards as well as asset allocation strategies. He is certified by the Center for Fiduciary Excellence as an AIFA, one of fifty in the country. 

We don't pretend to know everything in depth.


We have a consortium of other professionals in fundraising, accounting, marketing and databases with whom we have worked and are happy to recommend to our clients as the need arises. There is no referral fee or financial gain for us-it's an entirely separate transaction.

Other Team Members

Nonprofit Diagnostics will be adding more team member photos and biographies in the near future. 

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