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The latest news and resources for Executive Directors and board members.


Use this page as your clipping service. I will regularly post articles from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Nonprofit Quarterly, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Independent Sector and other leading nonprofit industry publications. 

Fiscal oversight-always important// Where'd the money go?
It never occurred to the Treasurer that she needed to look over the books.  The lesson? It always pays to ask questions.   Read more....
Board Governance News // Spotting Red Flags...


One of the challenges of being a board member is what to look for in the financial statements and when to ask questions. Here is an excellent article from Nonprofit Quarterly with advice on "How Board Members Can Learn to Spot Red Flags".



March 2015​

February 2015

Executive Director resources// Are your volunteers giving more than time?

According to a study recently published by Fidelity, there is a strong correlation between volunteer time and volunteer donations. As an Executive Director, managing volunteers often falls into just figuring out where your organization needs their time and energy-but don't leave it at that. You may be leaving their funds on the table.

​January 2015

Nonprofit Challenges// Are your employees thinking long term?

At a recent Not-for-Profit Industry conference of the American Institute of CPA's two experts in employment issues spoke to the challenges face by all businesses but especially nonprofits in holding on to their employees for the long term. Mission oriented organizations need to be paying attention to how to retain their frontline employees-who may see their employment with you as a job not a career.



​Feb 17, 2015

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