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Tax and Regulation

Potential Tax Changes in 2015 for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Quarterly


There are several initiatives in Congress that, if enacted, could make material differences for directors and boards of 501 (c)(3)'s.  One concerns the tax rate paid by foundations, and another affects IRA rollovers to charities. See below to read more!

The Kentucky Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act
The Legislature in Kentucky recently enacted the Kentucky Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, which recognizes that the governance and structure of nonprofits includes small athletic groups such as Little Leagues and community fundraising efforts.  The Code in Kentucky now provides for the legal recognition of these smaller entities and the corresponding oversight needed.  




Do you know what resources the US government offers to Nonprofits?



Most nonprofit directors and fund development staff know about

Are you aware of the other links and resources for nonprofits that are available? 

Check out for Nonprofits page for resources and information about taxes, faith-based and neighborhood partnerships, a diverse array of funding sources including government contracts and directories of nonprofit organizations.

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