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The REAL value of Volunteers

Independent Sector 


We all know volunteers add to the value of the work done by nonprofits. Have you ever considered adding that value as a real number to your bottom line?

Independent Sector has calculated the value of volunteer hours in every state. Here's a link to the latest calculations (2013). Track your volunteers hours as the asset they are. Nationally, the average value is $23.07. What is it in your state? Click the Read More button to find out.


What if you could have access to a free resource with articles on management, board development and other topics pertinent to your job in your nonprofit?
Carter McNamara of Authenticity Consulting has put together such a resource. Check it out at Free Management Library. 


Do you use Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Storify? Do you know what they are?
Social Media has various forms, and is worth considering as the next generation of employees, donors and leaders moves into place. Strategy, execution and placement all matter. One of the best sites for beginning your learning process is Social Media Examiner. Click on the Read More link to get to their site.


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