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What do we do?


It's simple. We give you an idea of what level of organizational development you really have, by walking with you through a review & assessment process and using that information to give you a benchmark report, pegged to nationally recognized best practices for nonprofit governance.  Once we have that we are here to help prioritize your next steps and achieve what is feasible. 


What's an assessment? It's a snapshot of the important aspects of your organization, based on interviews with your Executive Director, Board Chair/President and other key employees. We use an assessment tool incorporating best practices.

Every organization has areas which are strong, and areas that could use some attention. Our assessment tool provides for the different developmental stages organizations go through. 

Your organization may be highly developed in program delivery and accountability but not as far along in board development. 

Rarely are there surprises-usually our process helps to clarify what you  may intuitively already know. The difference is having an outside observer with an independent perspective.

Recommendations & Plans

Once we have the raw assessment information, we review with you our process and the initial results-we want to make sure we haven't missed anything or misinterpreted what we have gathered.  

Our final report will provide you and your leadership unbiased results tied to specific actions available to reach best practice standards. 

We don't walk away. We help you determine your priority and provide coaching to achieve your goal.

Everything we will provide is aimed at helping your organization achieve a high level of achievement, visible to all your stakeholders.

Your action plans can be incorporated into tactical and strategic planning, fund development strategies and board development plans. 


Governance-a large word for the standards, rules and customs by which your board and organization operate. Sometimes making adjustments to achieve best practices can be challenging, so we offer strategic planning, board development and facilitation services to guide you through the process. 

We also have access to the  assessment services supporting the Global Fiduciary Standards of Excellence (GFSE), the gold standard of fiduciary decision-making processes endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). If you have reserve, retirement and/or other designated funds for which your board members are responsible, we'd be happy to share what the GFSE can do for you.


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