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What's different about our process?


I am not going to walk away. Any review or assessment isn't going to do any good unless and until the information is used to create a plan, which is then acted upon. Many excellent plans fall apart because the internal and external assets needed to do the job are not identified or utilitized, or the reality of life interferes. That's not what I am here for.


The assessment and review instrument I use is designed to be comprehensive without being overly detailed. The initial conversation using it will take between two and three hours. I review supplementary information from relevant financial, planning and organizational documents, and use those to fill in further organizational detail. If time allows, I like to have some time with key board members and staff. 


Once I have gathered information I will provide a snapshot of the organization status across a continuum of organizational development, which allows you to see where the assets and opportunities are. This also allows me to lay out for you the beginnings of an organizational development plan for further discussion.


My philosophy is that a plan is only as good as the reality in which it is grounded. My goal is to help you think through your goal(s), what is needed in order to achieve them, and make a priority of what is realistically possible. If that means I help you with just one project, but that project moves the organization forward, that is success. 


Governance is the method of governing your organization. It's the nuts and bolts as well as the ethics and philosophy by which you and your board and staff make decisions and then implement them. 

To be blunt, no one can afford to avoid best practices.

Not only does the bottom line suffer, donors and other stakeholders have less and less tolerance for not doing it right the first time. 

Let me help you review your processes and help you make the tweaks needed to have your organization be "best in class". Aim high!


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