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What's this all about?

We are blessed by the generosity of so many working in the giving sector-otherwise known as "nonprofits", "not-for-profits", "the independent sector". Every day thousands of people work to help children read, people be healthy, senior citizens have medicine, schools have books, animals have shelter, dancers to perform-one could go on and on. Supporting them are the generous donors of time, funds and talent. Without all of these working together our society would be a bleak place indeed.

We need our nonprofits, and we need them to operate well in order to achieve their missions. We need them to be operationally strong and to succeed.

We also need to remember that the status of "nonprofit" is a designation by the Internal Revenue Service, and a form of certification that the services provided are for the public good, and thus deserving of having a tax-exempt license.

If you are reading this, you have an interest in nonprofits. I'm glad you are here!

My purpose with Nonprofit Diagnostics is to help Executive Directors and the boards of nonprofits find the sweet spot of well-run operations and good governance, for with those in place, I believe every organization can thrive and achieve great things. Achieving best practices isn't hard, once you know what your starting place is-and that's where an organizational assessment can be invaluable.

Take a picture of what is currently happening in any organization, and from there you can develop a plan and build capacity. It take courage, information, guidance and an ability to aim high-all of which is in the DNA of anyone in the field.

It's simple-not necessarily easy-and so worthwhile.

Thanks for reading!

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