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"Finding Wonder in Imperfection"

One of the blog posts I follow is Dan Rockwell's Leadership Freak, which I highly recommend. ( In today's post he discusses how to create a positive environment and uses the wonderful phrase "Finding wonder in imperfection", which sums up what I think organizational assessments are all about.

Doing an assessment is NOT about determining what isn't working. It's about finding the myriad ways an organization is doing the job, meeting the mission and serving their constituents, and then using all the assets already being brought to bear to improve the areas that aren't consistent with the rest of the organization.

Life is full of imperfections, which is really just an opportunity to make our imperfections better, knowing we'll never be perfect.

Think of doing an organizational assessment as an opportunity to celebrate what's great about your organization and inspiration to extend what's working into every area.

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